Enjoy your body, its the only instrument you will ever own – Baz Luhrmann

_MG_3583[1]The body is  a vehicle which  needs to be kept healthy to be enjoyed – as Baz Luhrmann the famous movie maker (moulin rouge) proclaims!  The primary way to do that is to bring the body in to total balance – balancing out the yin yang or the masculine/ feminine energies within oneself .Hatha yoga is the  one of the oldest simplest and  most gross way to do that  – where one sees  and senses the changes almost immediately by just purely working on the right and left  sides of the body – eventually leading to intense purification, through  yoga asana and pranayam. When I look back at my  physical  yoga practice  this has been  the constant and  ongoing struggle.
One is constantly reminded  in ones self practice – about the imbalances in ones own physical body – for examply if the right hamstring is tighter the left hip is more open  or if the  right shoulder  is more open  than the left  then  the left shoulder might be the stronger one – this the beauty and challenge of  a  regular yoga practice which  constantly brings one back to the mat again and again for that quest for  balance within oneself , where by of course this leads one to subtler journeys  to further balance out the emotional and mental  imbalances  and conditoning .

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