Alive Wellness Corporate Program


The Alive Wellness Corporate Program integrates wellness for the body, mind and spirit into the workday as well as daily living. Samanta has conducted workshops for Citibank, Anil Group (Ahmedabad), Kancor Ingredients (Cochin), and DSP Blackrock.

The 5 Yogic awareness points of the program are:
1) Proper exercise (Asana)
2) Proper Breathing (Pranayam)
3) Proper Food (Balanced Diet)
4) Proper relaxation
5) Positive thinking and meditation

Class Structure

1. Yoga Asana
Basic postures can be practised by anyone in the home or work space.

2. Awareness Techniques
Interactive exercises / discussions bring attention to issues such as Anger Management, Decision Making, Emotional Expression or Correct Nutrition.

3. Group Discussion
This gauges how much is understood and assimilated, and facilitates feedback.

4. Breath-work and Yoga Nidra
Breathing techniques maximise oxygen supply to the lungs – removing stress, chronic exhaustion or negative emotional states. Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation inducing a semi-awake state using affirmations.

A recent session with Vfs global  for their recently held Management and Development Programme  from 29th august  till 6th Sept

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