‘Chitta vrtti nirodhah’ or the cessation of mental fluctuations, is the goal of all yogic paths.  Samanta offers students many routes to this one goal – explore the meditative Sivananda hatha yoga, embrace a dynamic Vinyasa practice, or use props to gain strength and stability in advanced and beginner postures. For students, Samanta emphasises the importance of sadhana – inculcating a sense of regular practice at the same time and same place, every single day.


Integrated Approach

Samanta combines classical, dynamic, therapeutic and restorative practices according to the student’s age, physical and mental temperament and his or her environment.

Classical Hatha Yoga

This form of Yoga involves the practice of Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breath control) and Dhyana (meditation). It is more structured in the posturing: achieve a pose, hold it, extend it, release and realign.

Vinyasa Yoga

One concentrates on breathing with motion while moving into the postures. In this ‘breath-synchronized movement’, you flow gracefully from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale.



Pre and post natal yoga

Pre -natal yoga requires special attention and care. It demands awareness of  the  mothers needs at every stage of pregnancy.  The Pre-natal yoga is beneficial in many ways including reduction of stress and anxiety , increasing flexibility and strength , releasing stress in muscles and joints, especially back-aches, shoulder and knee pains, and helps in the management of shortness of breath and acidity. A typical class would entail, preparation exercises, asanas, breathing, relaxation, meditation and a gentle massage.
Post natal  Yoga : Post Natal yoga is offered  post one month of delivery. A typical class would entail, doing more dynamic and strength building  postures/asanas, core and pelvic  strengthening, breathing and relaxation.
I got Samanta’s number from a friend when I got pregnant. I have been taking yoga lessons and doing body work massages with her since the 14th week of my pregnancy and plan on continuing up until 36 weeks. My yoga and body work sessions have been a life saver during pregnancy as they have really helped my balance and flexibility. Especially during the 8th month when I started feeling my heaviest both the yoga sessions and body work really helped with my back and leg pain. I would highly encourage taking pre natal yoga classes and doing body work massages with Samanta Duggal!
– Ameesha Mansukhani

Yin Yoga

Samanta studied Yin-yoga and  under Victor Chang and is a certified Yin-yoga teacher . She uses it in her Integrated Yoga  practices  as Yin yang classes   and teaches it as a separate class as well.Yin-Yoga is about working into the deep seated connective tissue and fascia in the body thereby creating more volume and space in the body. It is an intense practice which requires one to hold poses for a long period of time for the practice to have deep rooted effects, often painful but very rewarding!


 Restorative Yoga

A deeply relaxing practice taught by Samanta which involves resting on props like blocks, bolsters and pillows  as you are literally “resting ” on them for long periods of time, often taught in conjunction with Pranayams and Yoga Nidra/guided relaxation.

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