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This is the age old debate between the ‘yogi classicists ‘ staunch followers of Hatha yoga and  new age hybridised , ever – evolving  power , vinyasa flow yogis. Firstly what  precedes what  is a common question…  the classical practice  or flow – this question is as paradoxical  as  answering  which  came first the chicken or the egg ! Through experience one  needs to have a strong classical  base which focuses on alignment, the basic stacking  of joints one on top of each other so that one actually  does a dynamic breath linked pose to pose practice like a vinyasa flow one automatically through  muscle memory align themselves even though  moving through a faster  pace. Although  the neophyte might be more attracted to a faster more interesting sequencing of the vinyasa  or power practice  – as a classical practice  definately requires  more  concentration and a strong will to hold postures !This some times works better for the beginnner or the very stiff practitioner for eg  in  a paschimottanasan/ seated forward bend reaching dynamically bending  down  and up several times with the breath  could  warm up the lower back muscles and hamstrings also keeping the mental faculties engaged and occupied through the dynamicity to then eventually hold the pose –  can make it a less ardous  and more achievable for the practitioner ! This brings  us back to the aim of all yoga practice ” sukham sthiram asanam” which literally means  comfortable steady position .  To experience a posture in its complete steadiness and comfort  is a huge challenge and sometimes a  process  in even  simple poses like shavaasan / corpse pose – where ones body can achieve stillness but the mind is constantly in motion. Therefore preparation for the body by doing asanas or  surya namaskars/sunsalutations are a good method  to create  heat and generate prana/ energy in your body  to remove  blocks of tension in the energy body, and to make the  joints  muscle  flexible and strong  to hold poses. Eventually  practicing according to ones age  , conditioning (mental and physical ), ones will and ability is the key to choosing ones methodology of practice – as they  say  the paths are many the goal is one !

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